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Featuring Ken's High-Yield Gourmet Coffee available in:
  • Bayou Blend (mild)
  • Cajun Blend (dark)
  • French Quarter Blend - "Our taste of New Orleans!!"


Ken's Gourmet Tea is made in Houston, TX, by Houston Tea Co.  It is a blend of teas that provides a rich color with a smooth, full flavor that quenches your thirst.  It is produced weekly in a filter pack form. We offer it in several pack sizes.

For Commercial use, our 4 oz. filter pack is used to make 3 gallons of tea. This combination of water (3 gallons) and tea (4 ozs.) yields our “Best Tea in LA!!”

We also offer a 1 oz. pack for home use. The 1 oz yields approximately 1 gallon of tea.

Filtered Water Coolers:
For Office, Residential, and Industrial

Office / Residential -
Ken's carries several brands and models of office coolers.  These coolers have the same tank capacity as the standard bottle water coolers.  We offer standing or countertop units.  These are the same coolers we now offer to residential.  We install our coolers by hooking to your municipal cold water source then running your water through an industrial grade water filter*.  From there it is fed into the reservior of our cooler and chilled to approximately 42°.

Industrial -
Ken's also carries several industrial grade coolers.  Our Oasis Aqua Bar Cooler has a 4 gallon tank as does our Oasis Reverse Osmosis Cooler.  We also carry a cooler now that has no reservoir.  This cooler has approximately 25 ft of cooper line coiled into a block of ice.  It can yield up to 8 gallons of cold water per hour!

*Our filters remove the chlorine, odor, taste, metals, and undissolved solids from your municipal water. If a location is found to have problem water, we may go to a lower micron filter and/or a dual-filter system.

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